English Short Faced Tumbler Club

Established 1886

                               FROM THE PRESIDENT

The English short faced Tumbler club can lay claim to having spanned three centuries, having been formed in 1886 - a club was known previous to this however our present society has remained in tact since the attached date. Throughout that time our breed, as with all fancy pigeons has been in and out of fashion. Sadly as with all difficult breeds only a handful of dedicated fanciers seem to be enthusiastic enough to remain faithful to this grand old English breed, my hope for this site is that we touch a broader audience and hopefully engage would be fanciers into joining our ranks and ensuring this delightful little tumbler remains at the fore front of the fancy.

A lot has been wrote on the history of our breed, so much so that i have decided to talk about real time events and give fanciers and insight into this club / breed as we stand today. Our club boasts a club show each year which is held in conjunction with the national show, this is normally held at Pickering each year on the first weekend in December.  At the club show all members are entitled to compete for some of the finest silver ware to be found any where in the fancy - our trophy portfolio is nearly all in tact and dates back pre war, overall champion is crowned with the G W Wooton cup and this symbol must surely be the pinnacle to any short faced tumbler breeder throughout the world, albeit  i appreciate this is not a viable option for most. Alongside the Wooton cup we also offer major trophies for all other colour sections and as with the Wooton trophy these are steeped in history.

The world has indeed got much smaller over the last and it is sad to see other Countries seemingly believe the UK is not what it once was as far as short faced tumblers are concerned - may i take this opportunity to correct this common misconception. The UK still posses some of the finest short face to be found any where in the world and with such names as Scott Sharp who has been at the fore front of our breed for so many years it is no wonder we still hold such a strong gene pool, in fact we are still exporting birds across the world albeit in much smaller numbers. We must keep up this momentum and ensure we are the mecca when it comes to English short faced tumblers and ensure we are educating in the correct breed type which in turn will not only create longevity but also lasting friendships in the pigeon world.

For the first time in its history the club is holding an international show, to be held at Hurwroth England in January 2014 - we have commitments from all over Europe and this event should prove to be the biggest gathering of the breed ever, indeed a mouth watering prospect for any short face tumbler lover. We have the worlds most famous breeder in Scott Sharp as judge so who better to have critique your stud, i for one can not wait for this event and look forward to seeing some of the finest short face around as well renewing and creating new friendships. 

Other exciting news is that we are one of the first breed clubs within the UK to have our standard revamped to EE format, meaning there is now no room for inconsistency moving forward and it should allow all breeders an insight into what is required with the breed as well as stamping the fact the country of origin standard  is the only format which should be adhered too.

The current site is just in its infants stages so please feel free to drop by again and look out for updates and further information and if you have any feedback we would love to hear from you.

On behalf of all club members i invite you to join our forward thinking breed club where you will find a warm welcome and access to stock and invaluable advice from experienced breeders who are just as enthusiastic as myself.

James Ellison

President English short faced tumbler club.

Club Announcements

Club Show will be held at the BSPS Pickering 4th and 5th December 2016

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UPDATED 10th January 2016